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  • Thank you sponsors!

    WE would like to thank aDvens for their support of our community and the Bsides Munich conference. We are proud to have you as the first GOLD sponsor of this year! Learn more about aDvens under: Become a sponsor today, go to: #BSidesMunich2024BSidesMunich 8-Bit :: Forged by HI

  • Call for submissions!

    Do you want to submit a presentation for BSides Munich, but you are nervous because you have never presented at conference before? No stress! We provide mentorship for rookie presenters. Submit your idea, and we will support you to get ready for your time in the spotlight! Our CFP ends July 15. Share your idea…

  • 8-Bit History: Defeating Lucifer

    In today’s #WayBackWednesday, our 8-bit history lesson focuses on Lucifer. Lucifer was one of the first, modern, civilian-developed cryptographic cyphers. First variants were developed in 1971, and it was submitted by IBM as a candidate to become NIST’s recommended Data Encryption Standard (DES). At the time, Lucifer had the possibility of three different key sizes:…

  • Thank you sponsors!

    BSides Munich would like to thank NSIDE ATTACK LOGIC ( for the many years that have supported our community and our event. Proud to have you as a Bronze sponsor! Become a sponsor today, go to: #BSidesMunich2024BSidesMunich 8-Bit :: Forged by HI

  • Call for submissions!

    Only one more month to contribute your workshop or presentation ideas for the next BSides Munich! Call for papers ends July 15. Submit your ideas here: #BSidesMunich2024BSidesMunich 8-Bit :: Forged by HI

  • 8-Bit History: How are AOL and Phishing related?

    On this #WayBackWednesday, our 8-Bit history lesson focuses on the early days of U.S. consumer online access… Back then, you got „easy“ online* access with an AOL (America Online) CD and a 28.8k modem. In the early 1990’s, AOL’s software connected users to chat rooms that centered around specific topics. Curious and clever teenagers looking…

  • Thank you sponsors!

    BSides Munich would like to thank MOGWAI LABS ( for their ongoing support of our event and community throughout the years. We are proud to have you as a Silver sponsor! Connect with industry professionals and make a lasting impression. Learn more about sponsorship: #BSidesMunich2024BSidesMunich 8-Bit :: Forged by HI

  • Call for submissions!

    Are you a cybersecurity thought leader? BSides Munich wants to hear from you! Submit your workshop or presentation proposal, and be part of an incredible lineup of speakers at this premier security conference. Don’t miss this chance to share your insights with the community! #BSidesMunich2024BSidesMunich 8-Bit :: Forged by HI

  • 8-Bit History: GameBoy Cheats

    On this #WayBackWednesday, we deep dive hands-first into our next 8-Bit History lesson with the Nintendo Game Boy! The Game Boy, the (amazing) 8-bit, hand-held gaming device, was released in stages throughout the world through 1989 and 1990. It ran games from cartridges, offered a monochromatic display and battery life that extended beyond 10 (amazing)…

  • Call for sponsors!

    Take the chance to stand out in the cybersecurity landscape! BSides Munich offers sponsorship packages tailored to your business goals. Maximize your brand exposure, build valuable connections and support the growth of the cybersecurity community. Get in touch to explore sponsorship options: #BSidesMunich2024BSidesMunich 8-Bit :: Forged by HI