BSides Munich 2023 Social Feed
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  • BSides Munich 2024 :: 8-Bit Edition!

    BSides Munich is in its 8th year… And, to celebrate, we have gone BYTE-SIZED with our 8-Bit Edition! Check out our retro logo. 😉 Join us in November for an amazing experience filled with hands-on workshops, top speakers and networking opportunities. Become a sponsor: Submit a workshop or presentation idea: #BSidesMunich2024BSidesMunich 8-Bit ::…

  • Call for submissions!

    It’s your time to shine!  #BSidesMunich2024 invites you to contribute your talk or workshop proposal for our community-driven security conference. Share your expertise, challenge the status quo, and inspire. Submit your 8-bits today and be part of something amazing! Submit your presentation or workshop ideas here: #BSidesMunich2024BSidesMunich 8-Bit :: Forged by HI

  • Call for sponsors!

    Are you a company that believes in the power of knowledge sharing and community building? Sponsor #BSidesMunich2024 and demonstrate your commitment to advancing security! Connect with industry professionals and make a lasting impression. Find out more: #BSidesMunich2024BSidesMunich 8-Bit :: Forged by HI

  • Call for submissions!

    Have a passion for cybersecurity research? #BSidesMunich2024 is seeking engaging and innovative presentations for our conference. Showcase your expertise and contribute to the industry’s knowledge base! Submit your presentation or workshop ideas here: #BSidesMunich2024BSidesMunich 8-Bit :: Forged by HI

  • Call for Sponsors!

    Want to participate in one of the most exciting and dynamic cybersecurity events this year? Look no further than BSides Munich 2024!  Our annual conference brings together some of the brightest minds in the industry for two days of thought-provoking discussions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities.  By sponsoring our event, you’ll not only have the…

  • Call for submissions!

    Ready to contribute your 8-bits at @BSidesMunich this November? We’re looking for creative and unique ideas –  show us and the BSides community what you’ve got, and let’s make this event awesome!  Submit your presentation now! #BSidesMunich2024BSidesMunich 8-Bit :: Forged by HI

  • 8-Bit BSides Munich!

  • Conference replay: „Security by design“!

    #BSidesMunich23, #7SYNs Edition (re)presents our closing keynote: Ana Oprea‘s, „Security by Design“.

  • Conference replay: „My CI/CD pipeline contains all security tools available! Now what…?”

    #BSidesMunich23, #7SYNs Edition (re)presents: Jasmin Mair‘s, „My CI/CD pipeline contains all security tools available! Now what…?“.

  • Conference replay: “DevSecOps Culture“!

    #BSidesMunich23, #7SYNs Edition (re)presents: Ali Yazdani’s, „DevSecOps culture“.