For every SYN there is a… NACK

Over the last weeks, you learned the 7 #SYNS of cyber in our SYN-of-the-week series. Instead of idly sitting back and ACKnowledging each SYN, you have a path to redemption. For every SYN, there is a virtue that negates that SYN – a NACK.

Here are the seven NACKs.

is the counterbalance to PRIDE.
Do not become complacent over time. Engage in continuous learning and stay up to date with the latest threat intelligence and manage your security program to address emerging risk.

is the counterbalance to ENVY.
When faced with the distracting power of envy, take a step back a step back, and focus on the bigger picture. This will allow you to undertake and automate appropriate measures to protect yourself, your organization, your consumers, and, if this is relevant for your business, humanity.

is the counterbalance to WRATH.
While wrath leads you down a path of tunnel vision to impulsive, rash decisions, forethought allows you to break out of that tunnel and see the potential, negative side effects of that decision (short term, long term, legal and practical).

is the counterbalance to GLUTTONY.
Moderation is the practice of taking what you need avoiding excessive consumption. The practice of moderation puts you in a better position to protect those assets that you chose to take into your controllership.

is the counterbalance to SLOTH.
Collectively, we need to stop waiting and providing ways to help bridge the gap for the cyber curious to enter into engaging and rewarding careers in cyber security and privacy. The key is for individuals and organizations to find at least one approach to bridging the gap and then commit and follow through to make the change.

is the counterbalance to GREED.
Stay up-to-date with the latest, common fraud schemes and know the measures you can take to protect yourself and your organization.

is the counterbalance to LUST.
Learn how attackers groom individuals online and social engineer them into being an insider threat (either with or without intention). Exercise caution when sharing personal information online. Be selective about who you interact with, and recognize signs of social engineering.